FAA’s Promises

  1. We will know freedom and the promises of a happy and healthy life.
  2. Our creativity will flow with the self-discipline we need to put it into action.
  3. The chaos inside us will be gone, so the chaos around us will diminish.
  4. Our thinking will become clear.
  5. We will be able to learn new information and knowledge and retain what we have learned.
  6. We will accomplish complicated tasks with less confusion than before we were abstinent.
  7. We will be consistent and dependable.
  8. We will no longer fear trying something new and different.
  9. If an endeavor is unsuccessful, we will be able to regroup and try it a new way.
  10. We will be able to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions without becoming defensive or argumentative.
  11. We will become present and alert around our friends, family, and significant others.
  12. We won’t have to shut down, dissociate, or avoid listening any more.
  13. We can be ourselves because we won’t allow abuse of any kind to be done to us by ourselves or others.
  14. We will no longer attempt to fill our emotional and spiritual needs through our mouths. Instead, we will use our mouths along with our hearts to ask for what we need and deserve as children of God.
  15. We will be able to listen with empathy to others’ suffering.
  16. We will not need to be controlling or insistent that “our way is best.”
  17. We will no longer be judgmental about everyone we meet.
  18. The urge to see all the ways we were less sick than others will leave us.
  19. Our self-esteem will no longer be tangled up in our perceptions about our bodies.
  20. If on any given day we think we look fat, ugly or old, we can choose not to lash out in anger or frustration at the people around us.
  21. We will be able to hear and feel our Higher Power in our hearts and be still.
  22. We will no longer experience the panic, fear, and anxiety of our yesterdays.
  23. When presented with multiple choices, we will be able to reach clear decisions and understand what is appropriate for us.
  24. We will know freedom from the fear of change in our relationships with the community, our families, and our friends.
  25. We will begin to trust our intuition.
  26. We will cherish our abstinence as critical to our physical, emotional, and spiritual survival, and we will stay abstinent!