Food Addicts Anonymous World Service (FAAWS) is providing this meeting information as a service for those who wish to attend FAA meetings. According to Tradition 4 each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or FAA as a whole. Our groups may operate independently and make their own decisions as long as they adhere to the principles of FAA and don’t affiliate themselves with other causes. FAA does not review, endorse, or govern any meetings. We appreciate your interest and hope you find this information helpful. 

Phone Meetings are organized and run by independent Intergroups, groups, or individuals. FAA World Service does not run meetings. For more information about a particular meeting please contact the Group or Meeting directly. 

If you start a meeting not affiliated with an existing group, please register your meeting with World Service Office so it can be listed.


Group Contact Information

Cyberspace Intergroup (CIG):

Back to Basics Intergroup (BTB):
Gloria P.  (440) 862-9492

Having Trouble?

If experiencing difficulty dialing in to phone meetings with landline or mobile device.

Alternative method for dialing into the phone meetings is to download the app and use the listed phone number and access code by choosing the “dial in” option.

Email: for assistance.

Please note that due to high call volume on free conference some people are experiencing difficulty connecting to calls.

If you are unable to connect, Text CALL ME to the dial in number. Free conference call will call you back. 

You must enter the access code after answering. They will connect you to the call.

NOTE: *6 Will Mute and/or UnMute your phone. Please Mute when not sharing.

DayTime (EST)TopicPhone NumberPin NumberGroup
Sunday5:45 AMHealing through the Steps and Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Sunday7:30 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Sunday8:00 AMFood for the Soul(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Sunday11:00 AMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Sunday3:00 PMLeader's Choice(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Sunday7:00 PMGreen Book(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Sunday10:00 PMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday5:45 AMLiterature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Monday8:00 AM11th Step(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday10:00 AMA Daily Reprieve(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday6:00 PMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday8:00 PMGreen Book Study(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Monday10:00 PMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Tuesday5:45 AMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Tuesday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Tuesday8:00 AMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Tuesday10:00 AMFood for the Soul(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Tuesday6:00 PMLiterature/Speaker Meeting(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Tuesday8:00 PMTools of Recovery(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Wednesday5:45 AMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Wednesday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Wednesday11:00 AMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Wednesday3:00 PMLeader's Choice(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Wednesday6:00 PMMoving Toward the Light of Recovery(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Wednesday8:00 PMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Thursday5:45 AMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Thursday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Thursday8:00 AMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Thursday10:00 AMLeader's Choice(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Thursday3:00 PMSharing Our Experience, Strength & Hope(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Thursday6:00 PMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Friday5:45 AMWorking the Program Together(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Friday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Friday10:00 AMGreen Book Study(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Friday11:00 AM12 Steps(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Friday6:00 PMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Saturday5:45 AMFAA Literature(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Saturday7:00 AMBack to Basics - Literature(605) 313-51051000130#BTB
Saturday10:00 AMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Saturday6:00 PMOpen Discussion(607) 374-1154169062#CIG
Saturday8:00 PMLeader's Choice(607) 374-1154169062#CIG

Poland Phone Meetings

Saturday10:00 AM799 365 365537 66 726
Sunday6:00 PM799 365 365537 66 726

Sweden Phone Meetings

Sunday9:30Open Discussion08 - 400 113 33359034
Thursday20:00Open Discussion08 - 400 113 33359034