FAA believes that food addiction is a biochemical disease that cannot be controlled by willpower, but can be alleviated by avoiding foods that contain sugar, flour or wheat, and working the 12 Steps of the program. We call this “abstinence.”

Our official definition of abstinence is as follows:

“We ask for help from our Higher Power to abstain from those substances we find ourselves craving, ever mindful of our addiction to sugar, flour and wheat. Feeding our bodies with a plan of sound nutrition will allow us freedom from the insanity of this disease. With honesty, an open mind, and willingness to share our experience, strength and hope, we can recover from this disease — ONE DAY AT A TIME.”

To a newcomer, this may seem like an impossible task.  But with the support of the membership and by working the 12 Steps of the program, we have found  recovery. Many of us have found our lives positively changed in ways that we could not have imagined.