Food Addicts Anonymous Meetings

FAA has four types of meetings:

  1. Face-to-Face Meetings, or in-person meetings. These are meetings held in certain cities regularly.  We have meetings in the United States, as well as other countries.
  2. Phone Meetings – these are free phone meetings available to anyone in the world. The times are listed on the Phone Meeting Page.
  3. Online Meetings – The FAA Loop is is a 24/7 meeting that occurs online. Each week a different topic will be suggested by a leader. Then members reply to this topic. To get to this meeting, click here.
  4. Virtual Meetings – Video and/or VIRTUAL Meetings – As a direct result of “Social Distancing” recommended by the CDC, these Video Meetings have been started as an alternative to Face-to-Face Meetings during the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic but have become extremely popular and will continue every week.  This can bring an alternative version of Face-to-Face Meetings directly to you, no matter where you are, i.e., home, office, vacation, etc.  To get a list of these meetings, click here.

  5. Hybrid Meetings – FAA now offers hybrid meetings, which combine a physical location and a virtual technology to allow members to attend both face-to-face (F2F), virtually (online), or by phone.

Are you Interested in starting a Virtual Meeting? Please contact the FAA Virtual Intergroup (VIG) at